Web-based GUI to manage Subversion repositories and User/Group permissions (+LDAP support)

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The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI to your Subversion authorization file. It is based on PHP 5.3 and requires a web server (Apache) to be installed. The application doesn’t need a database back end or anything similar, it is completely based on the Subversion authorization- and user authentication file. (Inludes LDAP support for users and groups)


  • Repository management (Create, Delete)
    • Create repository with pre-defined project structure
    • Delete repositories (Advanced configuration)
    • Browse for easier Access-Path creation
    • Define Project-Managers on a specific Access-Path
  • User management
    • Allow users to change their own password
    • ACL roles (Allow other users to access the Web-UI, with limited access)
  • Group management
  • passwd file support
  • LDAP support (Get users and groups from LDAP/ActiveDirectory server)
  • DIGEST authentication support
  • Access-Path management
  • ACL's with pre-defined roles for Web-UI
  • Multi-language user interface